Various images of the dual camera module for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus surface

Various images of the dual camera module for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus surface
Back in January, connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo proclaimed that a special version of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus will be available with dual cameras on the rear of the phablet. Kuo, who has been often right on the money with his calls, says that both lenses will weigh in at 12MP and will be produced by Sony. One lens will offer a wider aperture than the other. One of the camera modules will have OIS while the other will come with 2-3X optical zoom. Almost a year ago, Apple was given a patent for exactly this type of photographic setup.

Today, a photograph coming out of Taiwan allegedly shows us the dual camera system for the iPhone 7 Plus in all of its glory. The module contains two camera lenses, one on the left slightly larger in size than the other. Similar (but not exactly the same) parts have been discovered on other social media sites.

Now, we've asked you before to be cynical, or take certain stories with a grain of salt, and we ask you to do the same here. After all, there are no markings to indicate that any of the parts seen in the slideshow are actually intended for a special version of the iPhone 7 Plus. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't expect to see two camera lenses staring back at us on the rear of some models of the iPhone 7 Plus once the phone is unveiled this coming September.

The dual camera technology used by Apple for the iPhone 7 Plus could come from its acquisition last year of Israel's LinX. The technology offered by this company allows smartphones to produce photos with the quality of an SLR camera. The two lenses combine to provide a depth of field that can be used to produce 3D imaging.

source: (translated) via (translated), Weibo via RedmondPie

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