The weirdest apps you can install on your phone

The weirdest apps you can install on your phone
Some people say that smartphones have become quite boring in recent years. And while there is some truth to this, people often forget that smartphones are just a hardware platform, a tool that enables you to do different things. The software part is equally important and can determine whether your smartphone would be classified as boring, or immensely exciting.

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Normally, smartphone apps serve two main purposes - to get work done, and to connect people. There are, however, applications that fall out of these two categories, and offer something unique, bizarre, and outright weird. Today we’re going to focus on these strange apps - here’s our list of the weirdest apps you can install on your smartphone.

The craziest apps for your phone:


Wakie was one of the coolest and creepiest apps on the market. It was a wake-up call service with a twist. You set your alarm time and you receive a wake-up call at the designated time. So far so good. The weirdest part? The call comes from a random person around the world - a truck driver, a Japanese teacher, a dancer from Cuba.

The past tense in the above paragraph is due to the recent changes in the Wakie app. Now it brands itself as a voice chat. You still get to talk to strangers and make some really weird and wonderful friendships, but the creepy wake-up part has been removed. It’s still a cool app and you can try it for free on iPhone and Android.

Download Wakie for iOS
Download Wakie for Android

Places I’ve pooped

The title is pretty self-explanatory. This app lets you mark your territory and leave a digital trace (to compliment your other trail). It’s a weird app but also a quite popular one with more than 2 million users. You can also add friends and receive notifications every time they drop a pin. You have to guard your territory, right?

Sadly, it’s only available for iOS, but don’t fret. There’s a similar thing on the Google Play store and it’s called Poop Map. Same idea, same functionality.

Download Places I’ve pooped for iOS
Download Poop Map for Android


This app offers a unique type of service. Let’s say you’re in the cinema but had too much soda. You need to pee. RunPee will tell you the best moment to do so, and also offer a summary of the moments you’ve missed from the movie.

It’s quite cool and works with more than 1000 movie titles and offers bonus features like hidden scenes alert, running late synopsis update, and more. It’s a very useful app available for iPhone and Android phones.

Download RunPee for iOS
Download RunPee for Android


If you’re looking for new ways to break your phone, S.M.T.H is the right app for you. It’s a game-like thing that calculates how high you can throw your phone. Seriously, use this app at your own risk. By the way, the abbreviation means send me to heaven. Funny…

There are leaderboards if you long for some healthy competition, and you must be 18 to use this app. Makes sense, your parents won’t be happy buying all these new phones. S.M.T.H is available only for Android at the moment (it was banned from the App Store), and the app is still in ongoing development.

Download S.M.T.H for Android

Fake Conversations

As the name suggests, this app created fake conversations. You can troll your friends or pretend you’re busy chatting with someone. The app offers fake call functionality too if you need an excuse to get out of a sketchy situation. It even can play prerecorded audio for the fake phone call, in order to sound authentic.
Fake Conversations is Android exclusive but there’s an alternative for iPhone users called FakeAll. It’s even better than the Android app, so start pranking your friends right now!
Download Fake Conversations for Android
Download FakeAll for iOS

Pimple Popper

Pimple Popper is a classic! It’s also pretty disgusting. If you for some reason have an obsession to clean pimples and scabs, this app will let you do so. Use your fingers to squeeze and pop whiteheads, blackheads, full-blown pimples, and scratch off crusty scabs. It’s gross but kinda addictive if you’re not too sensitive.

There are Android and iOS versions of Pimple Popper, and if it’s not enough, a sequel called MEGA Pimple Popper. Yikes!

Download Pimple Popper for iOS
Download Pimple Popper for Android


The Blower app is also a pretty popular one. It uses your iPhone’s loudspeaker to blow candles. Sounds pretty crazy, right? The weirdest thing is that it kinda works. The app generates specific frequencies that make the membrane vibrate and move air.

For maximum blowing power, remove protective covers/casings that could block the airflow, and ensure no dust has accumulated in your speaker opening. There are also different modes (Blow, Beat, Gun) that do different things to the flame. It’s iOS-exclusive and costs $1.99.

Download Blower for iOS


ChatterBaby is a cry translator service for you and your baby. It basically records your baby’s sounds and compares them to a huge database to determine whether and why the little thing cries. ChatterBaby correctly identifies roughly 85% of pain cries and is roughly 90% accurate for catching any baby cries.

There are three types of cries the app can identify - fussy, hungry, and pain. Although it’s a cool way to help with parenting, the app developers urge users to always trust their intuition first.

Download ChatterBaby for iOS

Paper Racing

The Paper Racing app kinda tries to make you a cat. You just drag off a roll of toilet paper as fast as you can. It's really simple yet highly addictive - you can challenge your friends and there are various types of paper you can race, leaderboards, multiplayer challenges, and more.

The app is available only for Android but there's a similar thing for iOS devices called Toilet Paper Racing. Both apps are completely free and if you use a large enough screen you can probably get your cat to participate in the fun.

Win 98 Simulator

Ever felt nostalgic about your old Windows 98 machine? Neither do I but nevertheless, the Win 98 app exists. You can really transform your smartphone into a Windows 98 PC (on the surface, of course). The dreaded Internet Explorer is back, along with classic games like Minesweeper, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire or FreeCell. You can actually play music and videos using what appears to be Windows Media Player, and also write text in Notepad. Cool app, go show it to your parents!

Rando - Photo Roulette

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