The Galaxy Z Flip 6 appears on Geekbench with 12GB of RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

The Galaxy Z Flip 6 appears on Geekbench with 12GB of RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
We're getting nearer and nearer to the official unveiling of Samsung's next foldable phones: the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Fold 6. Both phones have extensively leaked and it seems like Samsung is left with fewer surprising things to 'unveil' for us in July.

This latest leak gives us even more info on the Z Flip 6, and at this point, it's safe to say we may know everything about it. The phone's chipset results have now leaked on Geekbench, and we now also have the OS of the new foldable (which we already knew, but now we have its performance results on paper). One cool change we hoped for but weren't sure of is the 12GB of RAM for the phone!

The listing reveals four clusters of units, which is most likely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip. It has a powerful Cortex-X4 core clocked at 3.4 GHz for an extra speedy performance. The phone comes with Android 14 out of the box.

The model number is SM-F741B, which is reportedly the variant for European and North American markets. It features 12 gigs of RAM (finally!), which is a very welcome change over the 8 gigs of its predecessors.

Now, the numbers that the Flip 6 was able to score on Geekbench are looking good: 2,247 for single-core and 6,857 for multi-core. That's a notable improvement over the Flip 5's 1,984 and 5,194 respective results on the benchmark. Yep, benchmarks aren't always indicative of how the phone will perform in real life, but this change is pretty dramatic, so I'm very excited for it.

For reference, here are the results of the previous model:

Geekbench 6
SingleHigher is better
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 51984
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 41051
Motorola razr+1789
Geekbench 6
MultiHigher is better
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 55194
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 42683
Motorola razr+4468
3DMark Extreme(High)Higher is better
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 53700
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 42094
Motorola razr+2840
Extreme(Low)Higher is better
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 51351
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4968
Motorola razr+1502

As for what else we expect for the foldable: a similar 6.7-inch foldable screen, a 3.4-inch cover screen (the rumored earlier 3.9-inch cover screen may not be happening), and an upgraded 50MP main camera for the Galaxy Z Flip 6.

Unfortunately, though, the rumored price increase for the foldable may turn out to be true. It is expected that the phone will cost around $1,100, and rumors say Samsung will launch it initially with "free" double storage, meaning the 512GB variant will be the starting model (for two weeks).

Of course, it's possible that not all that has leaked so far is accurate, so do keep that in mind.We'll know soon enough as the two phones are rumored to be unveiled on July 10. Stay tuned!

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