T-Mobile's UNcarrier Phase 2 to begin June 23rd?

T-Mobile's UNcarrier Phase 2 to begin June 23rd?
The buzz around the water cooler is that Phase 2 of  the T-Mobile UNcarrier program will roll out on June 23rd. Speculation centers around a new rate plan for post-paid subscribers looking to sign up without a credit check. The rates will be the same as the current plan with the only difference being that phones will have to be purchased in full with no EIP (Equipment Installment Plan).

In addition, Phase 2 will coincide with the expansion of MetroPCS into 15 new markets starting in the third quarter. Code named "Apollo 15," these areas include Houston, New Orleans, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC and Baltimore. All of these markets offer LTE service, which should give MetroPCS a leg up against other pre-paid carriers in the above areas.

Just the other day, MetroPCS started a BYOP program for GSM flavored Android and Windows Phone models, and specific variants of the Apple iPhone. The first phase of the plan kicked in late March and ended the practice of subsidizing new phones at the carrier's own stores and web site.

source: TmoNews

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