Sony's Xperia X Concept gets the "one more thing" treatment, new release available

Sony called it quits on the Xperia X Concept, as the Japanese company announced that it would no longer release any new builds starting May. Well, it looks like the handset maker had a change of heart and released a new Xperia X Concept build, probably the last one.

The bonus release that's already available for download to Xperia X owners includes a couple of important new features and an Easter egg. If you've previously installed a Xperia X Concept build, the new one should be pushed OTA to your smartphone, and you'll be glad to know that it contains the latest Xperia Home launcher.

The new launcher features the newly-introduced wallpaper picker, which is probably one of the reasons Sony has decided that another Xperia X Concept release is worth their time.

The Easter egg can be discovered by dialing *#*#2468#*#*. It will enable access to the new Android wallpaper and icons. The Xperia X Concept build that you can now download if you own the Sony Xperia X is not too large (45MB), so it should take a little time to install.

If Sony doesn't pull another “one more thing” moment, this is the last Xperia X Concept release that you'll be getting. It was great while it lasted.

source: XperiaBlog

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