Sony Yuga tipped with a glass chassis again, Sony to use Samsung Exynos processor for a 2013 flagship

Sony Yuga to feature a glass chassis, Sony switching to Samsung Exynos processors for Q4 2013
We've heard that the Sony C660X Yuga handset might feature a glass back, saw it in some fuzzy pics, and now inside sources have once again confirmed that the upcoming 5-incher will sport Dragontrail glass panels.

Asahi's Dragontrail is hardened glass similar to Corning's solutions, and is light and durable enough to be a chassis material. The iPhone 4 set the glass trend, LG picked on it with the Optimus G/Nexus 4 handsets, and now Sony is apparently following suit. 

Glass indeed feels much more premium in the hand than plastic, provided that it is packaged with temperature amplitude tolerance, and there are no issues with it cracking from heat differences like the ones reported with the Nexus 4.

Another juicy rumor about Sony's 2013 flagships that was mentioned recently got clarified a bit more, too. We heard about the eventual Q4 beast from Sony with 3 GB of RAM, Full HD display, and a Cortex-A15 processor, right?

At the time, the source mentioned that the quad-core processor will be neither a Qualcomm, nor NVIDIA endeavor, which doesn't leave us with many choices now, does it? A report emerged that this 2013 holidays flagship by Sony is meant to use a Samsung Exynos 5-series chipset, most likely the quad-core 5440, as Qualcomm's silicon couldn't cut it for what Sony intends to do with the phone for some reason. Here's the scoop:

Given that Samsung's contract to make Apple's chips expires next year, the Koreans might very well be looking for other customers in the mobile realm, and Sony just took second place after Samsung itself as an Android maker, so it might be getting a pretty sweet deal on those Exynos SoCs, if the rumor turns out credible. 

What makes us go "hmm" about it is that the source lists this Sony Xperia 6 (codename) flagship as carrying a 5" Full HD OLED display, too, and, as far as we know, these will be a prerogative of Samsung eventually, and are about to be demonstrated at CES next month. If the Galaxy S IV pops up with such a screen, though, all bets are off. Also, the 128 GB of internal memory are music to our ears - despite that all of it sounds too good to be true for Q4 of this year, for Q4 of 2013 anything is possible.

source: XperiaBlog & IT168 (translated)

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