Screenshot from Google developer outs Lollipop for Android 5.0 name

Screenshot from Google developer outs Lollipop for Android 5.0 name
There has been plenty of speculation about the name that Google will select for the next build of Android. Rumors are circulating that tomorrow, Google will out the name of the next Android build. Thanks to a screenshot taken by a Google developer, it looks like the "L" in Android L will stand for Lollipop. Take a look at the image that accompanies this article, and you will see a screenshot from the Chromium Issue Tracker. The screenshot reveals a de-bug icon on the notification tray. The icon is that of an Android head on a stick, which looks like a lollipop. So far, this is the best clue we've had as to what name Google will call the next build of Android, Android 5.0.

You might recall that for months, Android 4.4 was rumored to be called Key Lime Pie. A Google employee even drew a cartoon revealing as much. Heck, we even saw a notification tray with the icon of a Key Lime Pie. But it was a fakeout. From nowhere, the tech titan announced that it would be using the name of popular candy bar KitKat, which lead to a great series of commercial opportunities for both Google, Nestle and Hershey.  The latter makes the chocolate bar in the U.S. while the former produces it everywhere else.

Will history repeat itself and the icon prove to be a fake? Lightning usually doesn't strike twice in the same spot. While you are waiting for Google to announce the name of the next Android build, check out this hilarious clip from Google that we told you about earlier today. Besides Android 5.0, tomorrow could see Google take the wraps off of the Motorola built Nexus 6 smartphone, and the HTC built Nexus 9 tablet.

source: MYCE via Phandroid
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