Samsung reports Galaxy Note 4 sells better in some regions than the Note 3 did

Samsung reports Galaxy Note 4 sells better in some regions than the Note 3 did
Samsung held an earning conference a few days ago in Korea, where senior VP Kim Hyun-joon announced that, in North America and Europe, the Galaxy Note 4 outdid the Note 3's units sold by this time last year. A couple of weeks ago, we viewed a report, which estimated a total of 4.5 million Note 4 phablets to have been sold, which tallied to 500k less than what the Note 3 did for the same time period. Hyun's latest reveal shows that things are maybe not so grim for the new phablet.

Samsung really needed a hard hitter in order to put a stop to its nosediving shares, so it pulled out all the guns with its Galaxy Note 4, starting with design. A real metal frame, forged to be both pleasing to the eye and easy on the hands, adorns the phablet's sides and, while it retains the faux leather plastic back, it is much more discreet, doing away with the stitch-emulating texture on its edge, which irked some users. It coupled the looks with the latest hardware and spec'd the phablet to the brim, finally released a Super AMOLED display with accurate colors, and added more functionality to the S Pen.

Apparently, the effort has paid off – while we do not know the exact number of units sold, it is clear that the figure should be around, if not above, the 5 million mark. This is definitely not enough to save Samsung's revenue on its own, however, it's still a start. The company did acknowledge that it failed to keep up with the evolving trends in the market, which led to this year's downfall in sales, and that it will need to change directions a bit, if it wishes to stay relevant. The first step in doing so was the new Galaxy Alpha – the first Galaxy phone to sport a metal frame; and now, we have the Galaxy A3 and A5 – with super-thin aluminum unibody design, aimed at the younger users, according to Samsung. Rumor has it that Sammy is also about to redesign the Galaxy S from scratch, coming out with a fresh-looking Galaxy S6. We shall see...

source: ZDNet (translated) via G4Games

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