Samsung must now X-ray each 'safe' Note 7 battery for issues, say regulators

South Korea orders Samsung to X-ray Galaxy Note 7 batteries
The regulators in South Korea are not leaving anything to chance when it comes to the Note 7 recall process there, it seems. They have apparently ordered Samsung to X-ray each and every new unit that comes off the conveyor belt for eventual battery plates pressure gaps, or other issues that might prompt thermal runaway. Pretty extraordinary measure that is sure to add some more cost to the already exorbitant recall tag, but when the user's safety is concerned, nothing can be deemed enough.

According to the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards, the scans should start from the battery packaging suppliers of Samsung, so we can be assured that the new Note 7 units with the stickers and the green battery indicators are absolutely safe to use when it comes to battery operation. 

The consumer safety agency is also a bit worried that a very low percentage of Note 7 owners in its homeland have shown up to request a refund for the handset, potentially due to the lack of awareness they can. That is why it has made an agreement with Samsung to extend the refund deadline by the end of the month. Most people who got a Note 7 from the initial exploding batches there, are simply showing up for a swap with the new safe units, instead of requesting a refund.

source: WSJ

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