Samsung health event will unveil no new device, but still might reveal new sensors via a partnership

Samsung health event will unveil no new device, but still might reveal new sensors via a partnership
Back on the first of May, Samsung sent out invitations for a health-related event to be held in San Francisco on May 28th. Since the invite came from the semiconductor arm of the company, it was thought that perhaps the Korean based tech titan would be introducing some new health-related sensors for its smartwatch line, or for the Samsung Galaxy S5. That possibility is still alive, although further digging suggests that Samsung will be partnering or buying a company that makes such sensors.

The truth is that the event will not unveil any new Samsung built health-related product, according to Sammy's VP Stefan Heuser. The clue that will help us understand what the event is all about, apparently comes from digging through the maze-like organization that is Samsung, to see which division is holding the event. Heuser is VP of operations for the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, based in Melo Park, California. This part of the company deals with components rather than devices. The Strategy and Innovations Center partners with, and invests in other companies.

That still leaves open the possibility that health-related sensors could be the center of attention. With talk that Apple is hard at work to create sensors for the rumored Apple iWatch that include obtaining non-invasive blood glucose readings, Samsung might want to beat Apple to the punch. After all, of the two firms, only one has already released a smartwatch.

The event is being held in San Francisco just one week before Apple's WWDC touches down in the same city. It would be quite a coup for Samsung to announce an acquisition, or partnership, of a company that produces medical sensors, just days before Apple comes to town. Especially if Apple plans on introducing the iWatch at WWDC, as some believe it will.

source: Recode via SlashGear

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