Samsung has tighest security in its history with the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has tighest security in its history with the Samsung Galaxy S III
According to The Verge, photographs published in Gizmodo Brasil, allegedly of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, are not the eagerly awaited follow-up to what is called the best Android handset ever produced. Samsung's security for this device is at levels never seen before just before a new product launch. The Korean based manufacturer has been putting the innards of the new model inside a generic test box so that employees of  Samsung can take the phone out in public for real-time testing. This prevents Samsung executives from finding photos of the unit on the internet the next day along with speculative rumors. According to one Verge tipster, the device pictured on Gizmodo Brasil is that of this generic test box and is "Not even close to the final design. No leaks of the final design have been accurate."

As amazing as this sounds, with Samsung tightening up security for the Samsung Galaxy S III, insiders can't even confirm that the sequel to the Galaxy S II will even be called the Galaxy S III. On the invitations for the May 3rd event at which the long awaited device is expected to be introduced, Samsung calls the handset the "next Galaxy".

Back last month, the Samsung GT-i9300 leaked and it was thought that perhaps this was the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S III. But that turned out to be incorrect as the model number pointed to the Samsung Galaxy M, a mid-range device due to launch next month. Some of this device's features include tracking of the user's eyes to make sure that someone is viewing the screen, and can help work an automatic accelerometer that can determine if you are viewing your phone in portrait or landscape mode. The Samsung Galaxy M also is expected to offer biometric monitoring of things like your heart rate. The latter seems to rise whenever you see a picture of what is labeled the Samsung Galaxy S III.

source: GizmodoBrazil (translated) via TheVerge

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