Report: Windows Phone 8 to be used by more PC manufacturers than handset manufacturers

Report: Windows Phone 8 to be used by more PC manufacturers than handset manufacturers
From the "TTWAGOS" (Take this with a grain of salt) files we have a new report from Digitimes which comes to them from an unnamed source. According to this tipster, Windows Phone 8 will be used by more PC manufacturers than handset manufacturers. PC companies like Acer, HP and Dell are said to be looking at Windows Phone 8 as a way to get back into the smartphone market. On the other hand, major handset manufacturers like Samsung, LG and HTC are expected to pass on the OS. One theory mentioned is that certain smartphone manufacturers are trying to get back at Microsoft for what they perceive is favorable treatment Nokia is receiving from the Redmond based tech giant for committing to Windows Phone.

A recent report from Canalys shows that of the 2.5 million Windows Phone equipped handsets shipped in Q4 2011, 1.2 million or 48% were from Nokia. That statistic could lend some credence to the theory that some Windows Phone handset manufacturers are unhappy with the current situation. And who could blame Samsung, LG and HTC from feeling a little left out when the news broke that Nokia received a $250 million "platform support payment" from Microsoft in the fourth quarter, just for making Windows Phone handsets. Nokia CEO Steven Elop, himself a former Microsoft employee, says those payments are supposed to reach the billions mark.

source: Digitimes


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