Report: LG G3 will be waterproof and dustproof

Report: LG G3 will be waterproof and dustproof
A report out of Korea on Sunday, says that the LG G3 is going to be waterproof and dustproof. This seems to be the new trend for top-shelf Android models which was started with the dunking of the Sony Xperia Z during the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas. Since then, all of Sony's high-end Xperia phones have included the feature, and last year Samsung offered the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active which can withstand being submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.

Other models, like some of the later Motorola DROID handsets, are protected from minor splashes. While never officially confirmed by the manufacturer, a teardown of the HTC DROID DNA revealed it to offer some minor protection from water as well. The HTC Butterfly is IPX5 certified, which protects it from water sprayed on it from a nozzle.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to come with IP67 certification, the competition might have to consider making this more than a niche feature. Among the other high-end models expected to compete with the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the HTC One (2014) might not come to market with protection from water or dust. 

Keep in mind that today's report about the LG G3 is speculation, although it does make sense. The big question is whether smartphone buyers are as concerned with getting their handset wet as the manufacturers seem to think that they are.

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source: ETNews (translated)

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