Poll results: Moto Mods or LG Friends - which modular concept you dig more?

Poll results: Moto Mods or LG Friends - which modular concept you dig more?
We asked you yesterday after the Moto Z unveiling which modular concept do you prefer so far, the LG Friends set, or the Moto Mods crowd, based on variety and design of the attachment methods. It turns out that our respondents overwhelmingly prefer the standardized magnetic connector of the Moto Mods, and their variety from the get-go. About 10% like LG's solution better, while 12% aren't buying either of them, or don't like the idea of a modular phone at all.

The LG Friends family so far consists of an LG CAM Plus camera module that adds on/off, zoom, shutter, and record keys, as well as the Hi-Fi Plus hi-res audio DAC that is still not available in all markets. While we still don't know the prices for the so-called Moto Mods that will come with the Moto Z and Z Force, the ones for the LG Friends companions so far have been as follows: $69 for the Cam Plus grip, and £149 for the Hi-Fi Plus in the UK, where it is available.

The bottom part of the LG G5 can get removed for either replacing the battery, or attaching a member of the Friends, which makes the phone's build somewhat flimsier than the Moto solution, where strong magnets keep the JBL SoundBoost speaker, the Insta-Share Projector and the extended battery Mods flush with the back to the phones, only tacking some substantial thickness to the Moto Z or Z Force when snapped into place.

Moto Mods or LG Friends: which modular concept you dig more?

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