New Pixel 3 bug makes text messages disappear

New Pixel 3 bug makes text messages disappear
It appears that issues continue to affect Pixel 3 devices after the latest security updates pushed out by Google. It's not the first time, and probably not the last, that the Pixel phones get bugged after they receive a software update.

Many Pixel 3 owners have taken it to Reddit to complain about an issue with their text messages. It looks like after the November security update, some (if not all) text messages stored on the Pixel 3 suddenly disappear.

The issue dates from last week, as redditor chainsaw_huffing claims that he had issues with the Messages app, which froze in the middle of the syncing process. Upon opening his messages, some of the conversations disappeared mysteriously.

Another redditor who goes by the name of katiemcccc says that all messages from the Pixel 3 were erased (2 years of messages) and they didn't reappear despite restarting the phone, or installing/uninstalling updates and chatting with Google help.

It's unclear if this is fully related to the Messages app or it has anything to do with the November security update, but if you have text messages on your Pixel 3, you might want to make a backup.

The only way to recover the lost messages is to revert to the previous version of Messages app, but this doesn't work for everyone, so there must be more to this.

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