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Online troubleshooter reveals the top five complaints about today's top smartphones

Online troubleshooter reveals the top five complaints about today's top smartphones
Having a problem with your smartphone? If you are a member of FixYa, you can get an idea about how to troubleshoot the device from the large number of members in the FixYa community. Of course, that also gives the service a unique insight into the problems owners are having with the top smartphones of the day. FixYa recently revealed the top five problems users are having with the following handsets: the Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, RIM Blackberry Curve, HTC Titan II, and the Nokia Lumia 900.

Let's start with the Samsung Galaxy S III. A malfunction with the microphone made up 50% of user complaints. Battery life issues made up 15% of reported problems tied with excessive heat from the phone. With 10%, problems connecting to the internet was next followed by others, also at 10%. The number one issue about the Apple iPhone 4S is the battery life as 45% of the FixYa's troubleshooting requests for the phone focused on the power cell. 20% could not connect to the internet, 15% had trouble with their Bluetooth hookup and Siri made up another 10% of problems with the iconic handset. Other problems accounted for another 10% of complaints.

As one might expect, the Samsung GALAXY Nexus problems are similar to its stablemate as 55% of the complaints are about the microphone, 20% say the device has poor battery life, 10%% can't connect to to a Wi-Fi signal, another 10% say the device is not usable, and other complaints equal up to 5%. Meanwhile, 40% of BlackBerry Curve users say their phone randomly reboots, while 20% are reporting software problems. The same percentage of complaints about the BlackBerry Curve has to do with the lower number of apps than seen in the App Store and Google Play Store. Earlier Friday, we noted that there has been a pickup in BlackBerry App World 'inventory' and the number of downloads. 10% of those requesting troubleshooting help had memory card errors while 5% fit into the others category.

The HTC Titan II may have a large 4.7 inch screen, but 35% of those corresponding with FixYa said that the resolution was not satisfactory, while 20% complained about the lack of apps. The rest of the complaints about the phone were evenly distributed with 15% complaining about battery life, another 15% complaining about the camera quality and 15% fitting into the others section. Lastly, another Windows Phone model, the Nokia Lumia 900. 25% tried to troubleshoot the screen because of a purple tint. Three issues each commanded 20% of the problems Nokia Lumia 900 users complained about: the lack of apps (similar to the Windows Phone flavored HTC Titan II), the camera button, and the battery life. 15% of the complaints fell into the others category.
The information came from FixYa's library of 25 million devices and 15 million complaints. Check the sourcelink for some helpful tips on how to repair the above problems listed for each phone If you own any of the above devices and are experiencing the same problems, let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.source: FixYa via IntoMobile

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