Nuvifone G60 delayed for the second half

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Nuvifone G60 delayed for the second half
The Nuvifone G60 is a nice looking smartphone with lots of promise. With a Linux based OS and Garmin's leadership in GPS, this device is expected to make it simple to get from one place to another or, say, find a restaurant that serves Squid. One thing it apparently can't do is find it's way into the stores. Previously pegged to be released in June, as we told you, the G60 is now being pushed back to sometime during the second half of the year.

The handset was originally announced back in January 2008 and President and COO Cliff Pemble put the blame for the delay on the complexities of today's smartphone. "Smartphones are complicated and bringing one tomarket that's built totally from the ground up on a custom Linuxplatform is not an easy task," he said. On the other hand, his company could have decided just to release the handset as is, bugs and all, and told everyone that it is the new reality in the world of smartphones. Nah, who would ever do something like that?

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 Specifications | Hands-on

source: TWICE via EngadgetMobile



1. jcom86

Posts: 10; Member since: Jan 09, 2009

Ouchies... low blow phonearena. Just low..

2. heavybreathing

Posts: 276; Member since: Feb 26, 2009

It's funny because it's true.

4. Dood

Posts: 269; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

DANG!!!! That is rediculous funny. I hope the Tour doesn't have the same problems...

3. chupum

Posts: 115; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did ANYONE else remember reading that this G60 phone was NOT supposed to be a smartphone? I thought that there was another model M20 that was supposed to be the smart phone version... Once again, my memory is failing me, and I probably should have looked up this information on Phonearena's archives before posting this, but I haven't had a morning coffee yet and so I pose this question to all of you to do my dirty work... just kidding... but seriously.

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