Nokia mocks Samsung for the blurry Oscars selfies

Samsung's impromptu PR stunt with therecord-breaking selfie at the Oscars might have been incredibly successful, but the quality of the picture itself, taken with a Note 3, wasn't that great. Of course, that's a big part of the fun with selfies, which are often taken with 1-2 MP front shooters, but this didn't prevent Nokia from chiming in with a snarky comment.

Nokia USA retweeted a photo from Ellen's feed, that you can see on the right, where she used the hashtags #Blessed #Oscars #Blurry. The comment by the Lumia 1520's maker? "Let's do away with blurry photos, Ellen!" Ouch.

Samsung's marketing machine was in full swing at the Oscars, just like it was during the Sochi Olympics, or in NBA games - putting big Note 3 phablets, and other Samsung gear, in everyone's hands for the world to see. If that's scaling down on marketing, as Samsung recently said it would do, we'd love to see what happens if it decides to boost the PR budget.

source: NokiaUSA (Twitter)


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