Nokia adopting Windows Phone OS - how is it going to fare: Results

Nokia adopting Windows Phone OS - how is it going to fare: Results
These are exciting times for the smartphone community, no? We had CES 2011, which almost felt like it was smartphone/tablet-only event, MWC just ended - and some great, great devices were demonstrated there, while Nokia announced it's making Windows Phone its primary smartphone strategy.

Yes, that's right, and you can read more about Nokia's plans here, while some of the aftershocks that were felt throughout the high-tech world are documented in this news article.

And because we want to know your opinion on the matter, we decided to run a poll asking you how Nokia is going to fare with its adoption of Windows Phone as its primary OS, and here are the results:

Most of you (33.6%) claimed this is a revolution in the smartphone industry. Furthermore, these lads added they are already pondering whether to buy a WP Nokia handset when such phone is available.

Second are those of you (30.77%) who voted this is a big gamble for both Nokia and Microsoft, as WP is yet unproven and Nokia has lost some of its momentum on the high-end front.

21.01% thought that a single word would do the job and simply yelled "FAIL".

And, finally, we have a minority of 14.62% who claimed they are unsure about this "strategic alliance", but it's nevertheless good as a whole because it "will bring more competition".

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