Nokia adopting Windows Phone OS - how is it going to fare? (Poll)

Nokia adopting Windows Phone OS - how is it going to fare? (Poll)
Nokia today released a statement that resonates louder than a bomb in the smartphone industry - the number one phone manufacturer is teaming up with Microsoft in a "strategic alliance" that will make Windows Phone Nokia's "principal smartphone strategy". This news is shaking the smartphone industry as we write this, and will surely continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

That's why we wanted to know your opinion about...

Nokia adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone - how is it going to fare?

A revolution in the smartphone industry! I'm already thinking about buying a Nokia phone powered by WP7!
This is a big gamble as WP7 is yet unproven, and Nokia has a lot to do to be attractive again.
I'm unconvinced about this one, but it will bring more competition - and that's good for everyone.

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