Nokia Lumia 521 heads to MetroPCS on Friday for $99

Nokia Lumia 521 heads to MetroPCS on Friday for $99
Just the other day, we showed you a picture of the sizzling hot Nokia Lumia 521 with the MetroPCS name listed on the home page. Now, it all comes together as the entry level handset becomes available for MetroPCS customers for $99 off contract. Considering that T-Mobile is trying to migrate MetroPCS customers over to T-Mobile phones and services (and succeeding), it is really no surprise to see a MetroPCS variant of a phone that has been clearly associated with T-Mobile.

While the Nokia Lumia 521 is essentially the same phone as the Nokia Lumia 520 for AT&T, the former model has been sold out on HSN, Walmart and on T-Mobile's pre-paid service. Can you imagine how fast the meeting was at T-Mobile corporate HQ? Some lackey manages to wrangle a meeting with CEO John Legere and speaking quickly, possibly stuttering from the fear, he tells his boss that since the Nokia Lumia 521 sold out for T-Mobile's pre-paid service, why not try it with this huge pre-paid carrier that they just bought?

We don't know if things went down like that, but what we do know is that starting on Friday, MetroPCS customers will be able to pick up the hottest entry-level Windows Phone around for only $99. That is $50 off the $149 price of the phone on T-Mobile. Considering how fast this model has sold just about everywhere it has gone on sale, we wouldn't suggest waiting terribly long if you're interested in the phone.

source: MetroPCS via WPCentral

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