Migration of MetroPCS customers to T-Mobile is ahead of schedule

Migration of MetroPCS customers to T-Mobile is ahead of schedule
On Friday, T-Mobile announced that it has started migrating MetroPCS customers onto its network just six weeks after the closing of the transaction that brought the pre-paid carrier to T-Mobile. This is ahead of schedule and brings faster LTE deployment for customers of both carriers (remember, MetroPCS has its own LTE pipeline) along with faster network speeds. Just two weeks after the deal closed, MetroPCS' LTE handsets were connecting to T-Mobile's LTE pipeline in Las Vegas. Both carriers combined their 4G LTE network in the area, bringing a 50% increase in LTE speeds.

T-Mobile's outspoken CEO, John Legere, said as soon as the deal took effect and MetroPCS' shares became T-Mobile, the latter started the migration. With 60% of MetroPCS customers upgrading to a new phone each year, and with T-Mobile offering some of its 4G LTE and HSPA+ handsets to MetroPCS subscribers, the migration should be complete by 2015. T-Mobile customers benefit from the migration because as soon as MetroPCS customers leave for T-Mobile, the freed up spectrum can be used by T-Mobile to help build out its 4G LTE pipeline.

In Las Vegas and Hartford, MetroPCS customers can buy two Android models running on T-Mobile's 4G HSPA+ network. The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit and the LG Optimus L9 both give MetroPCS customers 4G speed over a nationwide pipeline. On June 17th, a refreshed version of the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available at MetroPCS with both LTE and HSPA+ 4G connectivity.

This week, MetroPCS also announced its BYOP plan that will allow unlocked GSM phones running Android and Windows Phone to access the network. Additionally, specific versions of the Apple iPhone will be accepted for the plan. 

source: TmoNews

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