Next iPhone dock connector pics reveal 16-pin unit, 7.6mm case thickness measured

Next iPhone dock connector pics reveal 16-pin connector, 7.6mm thickness measured with calipers
The next iPhone 5 part that leaked from the sources who already showed us a number of components, including a motherboard, and renders that are supposed to be of Apple's sixth generation iPhone, is the dock connector.

The part shows why there was a rumor recently of an 8-pin connector. It is actually a 16-pin one, as opposed to the current 30-pin, and has 8 pins on each side, for a total of 16. This is said to be the new norm for Apple's iOS devices, while Cupertino is supposed to provide an adapter of sorts, so it doesn't render your current accessories obsolete with the iPhone 5.

In addition, Chinese newspaper scans show what is claimed to be an iPhone 5 case, measured with calipers, showing 7.6mm thickness - a number that has been bandied about for a while by analysts.

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