Alleged iPhone 5 cases hint at larger screen and smaller connector, Apple to out an adapter for older accessories

Alleged iPhone 5 cases in the UK hint at a larger screen and smaller dock connector
A number of pictures from what are supposedly case makers preparing for the next iPhone are out, and the dimensions and cutouts seemingly confirm that the sixth generation iPhone will have a slightly larger screen, and a smaller dock connector.

This much we have heard already many times, and the cases are just another tidbit of info supporting the thesis. It's not the first time when numerous case designs leak, only to turn out that their makers' info was for the unit due this year, and Apple actually announced the iPhone 4S.

What we haven't heard before, though, is the claim that the UK blog where the case pictures were sent to makes, and it is that Apple will actually offer an adapter from the current 30-pin dock connector, to the rumored 19-pin, to ease the transition pain if you have older accessories.

Compare the cases in the video below, which Chinese case makers were prepping for the fifth generation iPhone last year, when rumors of a thinner phone with larger screen were also abundant, and spot the differences and similarities with this year's crop of pre-release iPhone cases that are in the slideshow below it.

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