NBA All-Star Kevin Durant says he will take your wireless bill to court in new Sprint ad

NBA All-Star Kevin Durant says he will take your wireless bill to court in new Sprint ad
Remember those two teaser Sprint ads we showed you on Friday starring NBA star Kevin Durant as an attorney? The full ad was played at halftime of today's NBA All-Star game and it is a riot. With background music from The People's Court, we see an advertisement that is in the style of one of those sleazy lawyers who try to get clients from sketchy car accidents.

"Have you been fouled by your wireless carrier?" asks a very serious voice over announcer, "Kevin Durant esquire will cut your rate plan in half."  That is obviously a reference to Sprint's Cut Your Bill in Half plan. The voice over announcer adds, "Bring in your Verizon or AT&T wireless bill and your old phone and we'll lay down the law."

As we've pointed out, since you are forced to forfeit your old phone and buy or lease new Sprint handsets, your actual savings are closer to 20%. By the way, as the announcer says at the end of the ad, "Kevin Durant is a baller, not a lawyer."

source: Sprint



1. mrraider602

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Yeah.. half the bill for half the coverage and speed. so I guess it works out! I will never go back to sprint... fool me once....

5. tuminatr

Posts: 1175; Member since: Feb 23, 2009

Make a note when you said this Sprint just overtook T MOBILE as the 3rd best carrier in the USA according to root metrics. most industry experts say that by this time next year sprint will have the fastest network in the USA

2. bfuller2006

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3. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

An NBA star told me to do something? Guess I'll be making a stupid decision about my wireless while wearing my Nike Jordans and drinking a Sprite with some IcyHot on my crotch, crossdressing in the hospitality of Kim Jung Sung.

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