Mystery Google device at the FCC could be the long-awaited sequel to the Nexus Q

Mystery Google device at the FCC could be the long-awaited sequel to the Nexus Q
A mystery Google media player making a visit to the FCC, could be a sequel to the Nexus Q orb. You might remember that the social media player was handed out as a freebie during last year's Google I/O, and put up for sale at the Google Play Store. But it quickly became apparent that the device was not quite ready for prime time even though it sold out in less than 24 hours with a $299 price tag. The sphere was designed to help stream audio and video from sources like Google Play and YouTube, to connected high quality speakers and large-screen televisions.

The Nexus Q never did as much as buyers thought it should, and sales were quickly halted. Those who received the device were never charged for it as Google said it would soon offer another model that would offer more capabilities. But that was back last July and the new version of Google Play Music released the other day does not support it.

Now, an FCC document reveals an "H840" media player which was given model number H2G2-42, an apparent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. The device was hooked up to a 24 inch Dell monitor, offers Wi-Fi connectivity and a USB port. Furthermore, because it gets power from a separate power supply unit, it is not a smartphone, tablet or another mobile device. Google has asked for confidentiality which means no diagrams or pictures of the "H840" media player will be released for now. From the sounds of it, we might be seeing the Nexus Q sequel rolling into the FCC.

source: FCC, Liliputing via AndroidCentral                     

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