Nexus Q launch on hold, orb is free for those who pre-ordered

Nexus Q launch on hold to add new features, preview orb is free for those who pre-ordered
Thanks to feedback from initial users, the launch of the Nexus Q has been put on hold. The music and video streaming orb will eventually return to the market and will "do even more than it does today". According to the email Google sent out to those who pre-ordered the device, the industrial design and hardware received high marks, but users wanted the device to do more.

Those who pre-ordered the Nexus Q will receive for free, the same unit that was given to those who previewed the orb. According to the email, Google will not charge your card for the revamped Nexus Q which you will have to buy when it is launched, or for the preview unit that you will receive. The idea behind the device was to stream music, video and YouTube clips from any phone running Android 2.3.3 or higher through Nexus Q connected devices in your home.

Google did not give a date when the revamped device will be on sale.

source: CNET

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