Motorola X phone to have a smaller "M" version, Droid Blast sharing feature leaks

A tipster has thrown in some unconfirmed info on the Google X phone, prepped by Motorola. Last we heard, Google tossed it back to the drawing board at Moto, as apparently infusing it with unseen features didn't turn out to be as easy as planned, and the whole project was scaled down.

The Motorola X has two versions prepped, claims the source, with a smaller "M" model making the rounds, similar to the Razr and Razr M setup. 

The full-scale Motorola X version in its current state is apparently going to sport a 4.8" HD display panel, 2 GB of RAM, and runs Android 4.2.2 in the testing phase.

We are also seeing for the first time an alleged screenshot from the device, detailing a new sharing feature called Droid Blast, introducing gestures, account sharing and other niceties. 

Google I/O is just around the corner, but we don't hold our breath for the Motorola X to be announced there, though we might get some hints on its future development cruising around the workshops.

source: HotHardware

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