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Motorola confirms that a more powerful Moto Z3 Force is not coming

Motorola confirms that a more powerful Moto Z3 Force is not in the works
Moto Z2 Force

Before its launch earlier today, many expected the Moto Z3 to act as a premium flagship smartphone that would compete against Samsung’s Galaxy S9 series and even Apple’s next-generation smartphones. Ultimately, this didn’t turn out to be the case, and when asked about the potential launch of a more powerful Moto Z3 Force on Twitter, Motorola confirmed that no more Moto Z devices will make it to the market in 2018. 

At this point in time, it’s unclear why Motorola has chosen to steer clear of the premium flagship segment entirely this year but it may have something to do with the tough competition it has faced in recent times. After all, while the company has continuously performed well in the mid-range segment, the release of last year’s Moto Z2 Force was deemed a pretty big failure after its launch was allegedly backed by a $200 million marketing campaign which failed to generate sales of even 150,000 units within the first three months, thus resulting in a big loss for Motorola.

While on paper the Moto Z3 may not make much sense, it may prove to be the exact release Motorola needs. After all, not only will the relatively low price tag of $480 and future 5G capabilities attract much more consumer interested, but the fact that the device is exclusively available on Verizon should also translate into more sales in the long run – an aggressive marketing campaign by the carrier that will push the smartphone over the coming months as its 5G network goes live is expected.

Overall, some consumers may be disappointed that Motorola has chosen to avoid the flagship segment this year. From a financial point of view, though, the launch of the Moto Z3 does appear to make sense and could ultimately help increase Motorola’s smartphone market presence in the long run.

source: Motorola
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