Lenovo's 6.8-inch phablet is certified in China by TENAA

Lenovo's 6.8-inch phablet is certified in China by TENAA
The Lenovo PB1-770N has been certified by TENAA. This is the agency in China that performs the same tasks that the FCC does in the U.S. One of its duties is to check out new mobile devices that will run in the country. This includes Lenovo's huge unannounced phablet, which for now is known only by its model number.

The Lenovo PB1-770N features a huge 6.8-inch screen. Not much in the way of specs was revealed by TENAA except for the phone's dual SIM support, and 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. We also are told that Android will be pre-installed and that it will all be powered by a 3500mAh battery. The phone measures a trim 7.7mm thick.

Earlier this year we saw a similarly endowed Huawei P8 Max, which also featured a 6.8-inch screen. That model is powered by a home grown Kirin 935 chipset, 3GB of RAM and sports a thickness of 6.8mm.

With the Lenovo PB1-770N receiving its TENAA certification, the next step is an announcement by Lenovo making this big boy official. At that time, we should be able to grab all of the specs for the device, including the resolution of that massive display.

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source: TENAA (translated) via GSDome



1. Guaire

Posts: 892; Member since: Oct 15, 2014

It has an 1.5GHz octacore chip. 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Also has Micro SD slot support up to 64GB. 13MP camera on the back and 5MP on the front. It's coming with Android 5.0.2. Check out from tab pages. http://shouji.tenaa.com.cn/Mobile/MobileDetail.aspx?code=EkvF%2b8ObSysUceTpPrfofxhZ66ydA%2bvobRDrS5ORNEM%3d

2. prabhas2015

Posts: 17; Member since: Feb 18, 2015

Does anyone call a 6.8' screen as a phablet...I was thinking its tablet...:)

3. fyah_king unregistered

Please, no snapdragon 810.lol

4. jpswain48

Posts: 3; Member since: May 01, 2013

The reality is that these small tablets will have a phone function. Since calling someone is not high on my priority of things to do, this size becomes a personal preference of mobile computing. I currently use a Galaxy Note 3 as a mobile computer. I suppose a 6 inch or at most a 6.5 inch edge model would top out my personal size factor for a truly mobile device. I cannot imagine using 7 inch device for phone or camera use. As an eReader or Web browser it might make sense.

5. cripton805

Posts: 1485; Member since: Mar 18, 2012

That battery is too small for a phone with those specs. 4000mah minimum.

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