Leaked image shows the name (and mascot?) of the next Android OS version

Google has already scheduled an Android event for August 21 where we're expecting the search giant to release the new version of its mobile platform. Google is referring to its iterative mobile platform as Android O, but the market name will be revealed tomorrow.

However, if you've been following the news then you already know there's high chance that Google will announce Android Oreo on August 21. Evan Blass tweeted an image of what appears to be the future mascot of the next version of Android, along with the official name of the OS.

Google usually reveals a huge mascot at its headquarter the same day it announces the name of the new version of Android. The one that represents Android Oreo looks like a superhero, which wouldn't be surprising considering how successful Marvel and DC superhero movies have been in the last couple of years.

While the name of the soon to be announced Android Oreo seems to have been leaked multiple times from different, reliable sources, it's the first time that we see a representation of the new OS.

It remains to be seen whether or not Google's Android Oreo mascot will look like the one in the leaked image, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

source: Evan Blass



1. peace247 unregistered


18. tangbunna

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ohh baby .. oh oh oh oh.. baby oh .. yeah ..yeah... oh o h oh oh ohhh o h oh o h yeah baby oh yeah...

2. medicci37

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This site is f**king ruined! So many f**ked up ads on thiss

3. Carlitos

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6. you_sukk_it

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ublock origin + ghostery. adblock plus is a sellout. they whitelist when they get paid.

8. Scott93274

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I use a combination of AdBlock Plus and Disconnect. Together they work great.

19. Brewski

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I use adblock but then the page doesn't load. So I have to refresh and hit stop before it finishes... Thanks iPhoneArena

14. Bfrenz

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Use an adblocker man. But I'd always whitelist gsmarena tho.

4. Anchor

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We should also take PA with a grain of salt.

5. surethom

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100 %agree way too many & cannot install an adblocker on Android Chrome not on work PC unfortunately.

17. MrShazam

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Grab Samsung Internet from the play store. Even in its beta form, its really the best browsing experience I've had on my OnePlus One. It merges the best of Chrome with the best Opera IMO: - AdBlock/Data Saving - Very compatible with a wide range of websites - Customizable speed dials - Smooth browsing experience (on my OnePlus One) - QR Code Scanner Extension - Colourful adaptation to various websites - etc. That's not even taking into account its neat time-saving features: - Smooth and continuous text selection cursor that always works - Shortcut-menu extension - etc.

7. LikeMyself

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Beautiful! One of the best Android mascots!

9. Scott93274

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I see that mascot and all it does is remind me that they're releasing the name of the OS version on the same day and the solar eclipse, as the Oreo is covering a good portion of the Android mascot, and looks like the moon blocking out the sun.

10. PhoneInQuestion

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Oreo's are a guilty junk food craving for me I'll admit, but this is just a terrible design. I wish they had the license to put the Android logo on the cookie and just roll with that...

11. Scott93274

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They very well might do a cross promotion just like how you could buy Android shaped Kit-Kat bars a few years back. Ya never know.

12. cnour

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The most important thing about this version is its name, all the remaining will be useless as usual!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha

13. VZWuser76

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Did you eat paint chips as a kid?

15. lyndon420

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That's the rumor lol.

16. diggie32

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Looks fake. Im sure a multi billion company could do better than that.

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