Latest rumor says that there will be no Smart Connector port on the Apple iPhone 7

Latest rumor says that there will be no Smart Connector port on the Apple iPhone 7
Earlier this year there was talk that the Apple iPhone 7 would include Apple's magnet based Smart Connector. This is the port used by the Apple iPad Pro to maintain a wireless connection with the slate's Smart Keyboard accessory. The Smart Connector transfers both data and power between the tablet and the accessory.

A previously leaked photo of what is allegedly the Apple iPhone 7 revealed the three dots used for the Smart Connector on the back of the phone. This led to rumors that the 3.5mm earphone jack, which will supposedly be gone in the iPhone 7, will be replaced with headsets or earphones that connect to the handset via the Smart Connector.

But now, Japanese site Mac Otakara says that there will be no Smart Connector port on the iPhone 7. In addition, a leaked picture allegedly showing the circuitry for the iPhone 7 revealed that the phone will indeed sport a 3.5mm earphone jack after all. Another rumor that we have seen waver back and forth is the one that calls for the new iPhone to be waterproof. The latest word is that a waterproof build will still be included with the Apple iPhone 7, along with a flat, digital home button.

The problem in trying to determine which rumors might be true is that many of these new features seem to be connected to each other. For example, talk about a waterproof iPhone 7 coincides with the elimination of the earphone jack since it removes an entrance into the phone's internals that could be flooded with water. And eliminating the jack would also seem to make it more logical for Apple to offer a Smart Connector port on the iPhone 7. Removing the earphone jack could also leave room for Apple to make the iPhone thinner, or to endow it with a larger capacity battery.

So many possibilities, so many rumors. There is also talk about a dual camera set-up for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Keep in mind that September is only four months away. The closer we get to that month, the higher the quality and quantity of iPhone rumors.

source: MacOtakara (translated) via SlashGear
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