Latest leak of Apple iPad 3 shows 8MP camera and less tapered edges

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Latest leak of Apple iPad 3 shows 8MP camera and less tapered edges
Taiwan based Apple Daily has the latest rumors regarding the Apple iPad 3. The site was able to obtain a picture of what it claims is the rear cover of the third-gen Apple tablet. The picture reveals less tapered edges and the camera, which is expected to be an 8MP shooter. That is a big bump up from the .7MP camera on the Apple iPad 2 and matches the camera on the Apple iPhone 4S.

Leaked photo allegedly of Apple iPad 3 rear cover
Other specs leaked to Apple Daily include the screen's 2048 x 1536 resolution which is being described as a "Retina Panel". Under the hood is a faster A6 processor. According to the site, the Apple iPad 3 will have LTE connectivity as was surmised in a story last week, and a bigger battery which is necessary for devices supporting LTE.

The site also says that the product has not yet been named and could be either the Apple iPad 3 or Apple iPad 2S. Apple is expected to answer everyone's question with a press event rumored to be held on March 7th. While you are waiting, you can catch up with all of the speculation about the tablet.

source: AppleDaily (translated) via SlashGear


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