Confirmed: the LG G6 will use a super-wide 18:9 LCD display

Piece by piece, the puzzle that is LG's next flagship smartphone is coming together. LG Display announced on Tuesday in South Korea a new smartphone display with QHD+ resolution (1440 x 2880). It also confirmed that this will be the display used in LG's next flagship smartphone, which will be most likely called the LG G6.

The 5.7-inch LCD panel carries 564 pixels per inch for super-sharp images, all while delivering a more "immersive viewing experience" through its 18:9 aspect ratio. These proportions are designed to enhance the use of dual-screen multi-tasking, available on Android 7.0.

Furthermore, LG's inTOUCH technology makes the display extremely responsive, meaning that there's an indistinguishable delay between the moment the surface is touched and when the device responds to the input. LG also points out that the screen utilizes slimmer bezels, all while being extremely thin.

The new product will also feature improved outdoor visibility and will consume 30% less power. Sounds good to us.

LG is expected to announce its next flagship smartphone, referred to as the LG G6, at the end of February, during the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We have an extensive round-up of LG G6 rumors and speculations, so check that out to learn what to expect out of LG's next best handset.

source: LG Display

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