LG G5 with a mysterious and bulky Magic Slot module on board leaks out

Fed up with LG G5 leaks and rumors? You better not be, as we have a brand new one for you, and my, what a leak that is! Just yesterday, thanks to one of the most legit-looking leaks until now, we got to see the back and front of LG's next flagship, but one thing we couldn't ogle at was the rumored Magic Slot at the bottom of the phone. 

It is speculated that this curious expansion slot will enable G5 users to insert different modules or slots inside the phone, ranging from regular and extended batteries to other accessories that might further expand the functionalities of the flagship. 

Until now, said Magic Slot only existed on sketches based upon an eyewitness testimony (check the picture on the right), but new real-life pictures claim to show a G5 with a peculiar module inserted in it. In particular, the G5 itself falls in line with all the previous leaks of the phone, assuring us that it is the real deal, though the bulky module is what is raising our eyebrows. Check it out right below.

Now, we are certain that one specific question has popped in everyone's minds: "What is this?". The attached module doesn't look like your regular extended battery unit, that's for sure. We can see a dial in the corner, a button on one of the sides, either a button or a 3.5mm headphone jack on the other side, and what look like a USB slot of sorts, either a USB Type-C or a regular micro-USB one. The module is not an external camera one, as there is no camera sensor in sight. However, we only get to see the module from one angle, which leaves a lot of room for speculation. Could it house a projector? Could it be a camera grip? The blurry photo does not shine light upon that mystery. 


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