This might be the biggest LG G5 leak: phone leaks in flesh and blood, listed for sale on a Dubai website

LG G5 leaks in the flesh
It's no secret that the LG G5 will be announced at MWC '16 in a few days' time, and we are pretty excited about it due to the flurry of saucy rumors that will hopefully turn out to be true. Up until now, however, we had to merely rely on sparse leaks and partial snaps of the device to imagine what it might look like. Indeed, our rumor review is full of these.

Well, today we got hold of an extremely interesting leak. It seems that an LG G5 unit is up for sale оn an e-commerce website in Dubai. Yeah, you read that right, we are not making this up. Someone has allegedly got hold of an LG G5 unit imported from the USA days before it becomes official and put it up for sale in the UAE, where it's available for 2,500 dirhams, or roughly $680. What a crazy world we are living in!

It's said that the phone comes with a valid IMEI and is still in its original packaging. The condition, unsurprisingly, is listed as "brand new" and "perfect inside and out". Here it is:

Now, we can't attest to the legitimacy of the pictures, but it doesn't take a genius to notice that the device in the pictures above is most likely the real deal. First of all, it looks like it has a metal body, which is what the G5 is expected to carry. Secondly, we have the rear-positioned circular fingerprint scanner that has been seen on almost all previously leaked images of the phone. Next up, we have the the dual-camera setup at the back of the phone, which recently got corroborated by @evleaks, as well as side-positioned volume rocker, which falls in line with one of the leaks that hit us in January

Unfortunately, we can't say for sure whether the device has a second, LG V10-like screen at the front as the rumor mill claims. We are also not convinced that it will feature some sort of mechanism, allowing for a removable battery module of sorts, though we are not ruling this out at all.

Well, there you have it. This looks like the most legit LG G5 leak so far, and we will be surprised if it doesn't turn out to be the real deal. Opinions?

Thanks for the tip, Rohit Sadhwani!

source: Dubizzle

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