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LG G5 (LG UX) vs Samsung Galaxy S7 (TouchWiz) vs Apple iPhone 6s (iOS 9): how they differ visually

A smartphone's design and build quality are unquestionably important. Nobody wants a phone that feels awkward and gets damaged easily. But at the heart of each and every unit is the user experience, which can quite literally make or break a device. The interface completes a manufacturer's vision for what its product is supposed to mean to you. It's also the mediator between all that amazing hardware packed inside your smartphone and your intentions. If the interface is lacking – unsightly, confusing, jittery, and otherwise unreliable – you simply won't bother using the device in your hand, no matter how perfectly polished of a rectangle it seems to be.

Thankfully, this isn't the case with any of the three top-shelf smartphones we've lined up here – the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Apple iPhone 6s. Not only are they among the finest-looking, best-handling handsets available on the market, but each one is pretty much a breeze to use thanks to the combination of fast hardware and a polished user experience. Different as they are in terms of graphic design and organization, LG UX, Samsung TouchWiz, and Apple iOS 9 do share a common goal, which is presenting a wealth of functionality in a straightforward fashion. Featuring plenty of eye candy and being easy to get around, each is a delightful example of modern-day mobile computing.

To give you an idea of how they compare with each other, we took matching screenshots from each smartphone and put them side-by-side. This way, you can easily see what they have to offer in terms of graphics and basic organisation. We won't be making any judgement here, although you can read our user experience impressions in the smartphone reviews that we've published.

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