Keyboard galore: 5 alternatives to LG G3's Smart Keyboard

Keyboard galore: 5 alternatives to LG G3's Smart Keyboard
One of the main software features that got highlighted during the official announcement of the LG G3 was Smart Keyboard. The latter is touted as reducing input errors by up to 75%, as well as learning and adapting to a given user's "typing habits". Additionally, the keyboard in the G3 comes with a certain amount of customization, as its height can be easily adjusted and the most used symbols can be easily bound to specific keys, which is actually one of its more unique features.

Well, all sounds good, but most of these features are not what we'd call brand new, as a number of quite popular 3rd party keyboard apps in Google Play come with the same functionalities, if not better. Of course, kudos to LG for implementing such customization and prediction features in G3's keyboard, but are there any alternatives? Could other keyboards that are available for almost any Android device employ these features even better? Well, let's delve in and find out!

And what's your Android keyboard of choice? Tell us in the comments section below!

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