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  • It's was a tough year for HTC as annual sales declined 35.24% in 2015

It's was a tough year for HTC as annual sales declined 35.24% in 2015

It's was a tough year for HTC as annual sales declined 35.24% in 2015
HTC would rather forget all about 2015, if that's alright with you. The HTC One M9 was hardly a factor in the battle for sales among top flagship smartphones, the HTC One A9 was not the "hero" that CEO Cher Wang said it would be, and the jury is still out on the HTC One X9. The latter is another mid-ranger that has been announced, but not yet released.

For December, HTC had sales of $6.52 billion NT ($195.7 million USD) which was a sharp 57.08% decline year-over-year. In December 2014, HTC took in $15.185 billion ($455.9 million USD). On a sequential basis, sales declined 36.64% from the $10.29 billion NT ($308.8 million USD) that HTC garnered in November 2015.

For all of 2015, HTC collected $121.68 billion NT ($3.65 billion USD) in revenue, off 35.24% from 2014's revenue figure of $187.91 billion NT ($5.64 billion USD).

HTC fans are hoping that the rumored HTC One M10 gets the company back on track. We have been hearing since last summer about a phablet with a 6-inch screen carrying a 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution, powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset. This might be the One M10, which just might hit the market sometime after the first quarter of the year, perhaps in April.

The company is also hoping that its VR headset, the HTC Vive, brings home the bacon in 2016. The product should launch in April.

2015 was a year that HTC would like to forget

2015 was a year that HTC would like to forget

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source: GadgetzArena

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posted on 07 Jan 2016, 20:57 2

1. BLSEOTB (Posts: 334; Member since: 24 Mar 2015)

This will solve their problem

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 21:18 4

2. Arch_Fiend (Posts: 3371; Member since: 03 Oct 2015)


posted on 08 Jan 2016, 00:59

11. keithtae (Posts: 542; Member since: 25 Mar 2015)

Really doubt so.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 03:54

14. Hexa-core (banned) (Posts: 2131; Member since: 11 Aug 2015)

Wonder what device will HTC bring that will save it's declining mobile division!

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 21:19 3

3. Arch_Fiend (Posts: 3371; Member since: 03 Oct 2015)

6in Screen For The M10 Well There Better Be A Smaller Version Or The Sales Will Not Be Good.

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 21:37 1

4. manojmcn (Posts: 625; Member since: 16 Jul 2015)

HTC One A9 was supposed to lift the sales & morale of HTC camp, but sales show it has failed after one month of curiosity in market. The bigger problem you know - they were so confident on A9 that there were some hints on the upcoming flagship design to take inspiration from its design(yup iphone look alike). Now A9 has already spoiled the chances and a similarly looking One M10 will bomb big time. HTC guys are immensely talented and used to be much original but market pressures have failed them. The HTC One M0 might be their last try at luck and if that fails, its curtains for HTC from the big league.

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 22:08

7. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4783; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

I think if they would've adopted the carrier accessibility that phones like the Nexus 6, 6p, 5x, and the 2015 Moto X Pure had, they would've had better sales. By that I mean they could run on all carriers with one model and had full access to each carriers bands. I'm sure they run fine on the GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, but at least on Verizon they only have access to LTE, no CDMA at all. So if you go out of LTE coverage and need to drop back to CDMA, you're screwed. It can't be because of cost when both the Nexus 5x and MXPE are selling for $100 less and have that capability. But for Verizon at least that's definitely a drawback.

Not saying it would've completely turned sales of the A9 around, but it would've helped.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 01:49

12. Guaire (Posts: 741; Member since: 15 Oct 2014)

A9 is way too overpriced. Some of us said that it will be a huge failure.

HTC going to die soon because they can't accept reality that people aren't willing to pay those premium prices for their brand.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 04:08

15. Hexa-core (banned) (Posts: 2131; Member since: 11 Aug 2015)

Overpriced, just like Apple. But it's not a matter of people willing to pay premium price for a HTC phone. But it's because of HTC's low fanbase.

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 21:51 2

5. hanabi (Posts: 177; Member since: 08 Oct 2015)

I think its time for htc to lower price and compete with other chinese brands huwei xiomi zte etc. T

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 23:20 1

10. Hallyu (Posts: 677; Member since: 21 Jul 2015)

HTC is Taiwanese not chinese. The thing is that lowering price as cheap as Chinese brands phones is not possible, HTC and basically other big companies like Samsung LG wouldn't make profit by doing that. In contrast, huawei xiisomi, zte don't feel any risk at all since they are backed by the Chinese govt.

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 22:01 1

6. uchihakurtz (Posts: 404; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

When I wanted to buy a new phone last year I was looking at the M8 in awe until I saw the price, LOL, screw it, bought Z1C with nearly half the price and a little bit better camera.

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 22:24

8. Dude2014 (Posts: 448; Member since: 12 Feb 2014)

With that revenue and budget, I wonder how are they going to compete Samsung and others in R&D?

posted on 07 Jan 2016, 23:19

9. Firedrops (Posts: 249; Member since: 06 Sep 2011)

tbh bad years for htc is a like a deja vu already, they've been doing worse yoy for like 3 years. Everyone involved in the design and production of the A9 should take a step back and reevaluate their life choices. And also get fired.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 02:50

13. Shocky (unregistered)

Well, that's what happens you produce overpriced mid ranged and high end devices that struggle to compete with competition on a basic hardware level.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 04:14

16. Hexa-core (banned) (Posts: 2131; Member since: 11 Aug 2015)

And that not only struggles, but fails roughly in the camera side of things.

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 07:15

17. tiara6918 (Posts: 2111; Member since: 26 Apr 2012)

I feel absolutely devastated for the company. They make such amazing phones but they are very underrated as consumers only like to copy each other by buying apple and samsung and not caring about other brands. It is only now that I realized that they got confused with the m9 as I feel like I liked my m8 a lot more than it. They have lost focus and they don't know what to do now. When worst comes to worse I do suggest they halt their mobile division and move their attention on something else like their htc vive which has seen enormous hype or maybe the expansion of their partnership with under armour. Then get back to the mobile business again once they're ready

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 07:53 1

18. Shocky (unregistered)

Amazing phones? amazingly expensive and underwhelming.

They had the cheek to charge premium prices in the UK for the HTC One A9 and we even got a cut down version compared to everyone else.

They're milking their own idiotic fans for money, how can you still like this company?

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 09:26

19. Hexa-core (banned) (Posts: 2131; Member since: 11 Aug 2015)

@Shocky: Don't you think HTC wants to compete with Chinese OEMs in premium specs for cheap price?
But HTC can't go below it's margins or they won't make profit!!

How do you think those Chinese OEMs do sell cheaper than their actual cost of production? Because they are backed by their goverment who makes them recover the losses!

posted on 08 Jan 2016, 13:29

20. Guaire (Posts: 741; Member since: 15 Oct 2014)

Off course they can, but they won't. Actually they might start making money with cheaper prices. Now they are in constant loss.

posted on 11 Jan 2016, 05:58

21. Shocky (unregistered)

If HTC can't produce products at a reasonable price for users then they shouldn't be making them, the way the devices are advertised is deceitful and raises moral questions about what they should and shouldn't be allowed to get away with.

I'm looking at Google right and the HTC One A9 16GB is going for £350, the majority of customers buying will expect something comparable to devices like the Galaxy S6 32GB which can actually be bought for less.

Do you think the staff in phone shops will explain to customers the hardware isn't as good? and can barely match high end phones released two years ago? Hell no.

HTC should be ashamed of themselves.

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