HTC CEO: a 'hero' phone arriving in October, next flagship to be completely redesigned

HTC to reignite excitement with new 'hero' phone in October
With the One M9, HTC might not repeat the relative sales success it had with its predecessor, the One M8, but it is not going down without a fight, it seems. CEO Cher Wang apologized for the plunging stock price at the annual shareholder meeting, but said that we should all speak again in October, when the company will be releasing a "hero" device.

Now, what does this entail, remains to be seen, but it obviously will be something to be sold alongside the One M9, rather than replacing it this early in the game. In fact, this revelation ties in with the report the other day that HTC will be introducing a "new series" of smartphones before year-end.

The company said it will be working on its "product mix" regarding smartphones, and, judging from today's One ME version with Quad HD display, it is starting to deliver on that announcement. Last but not least, besides the usual yada-yada about increasing operational and supply chain efficiency, Cher Wang said that it will introduce a completely new design and innovative features into next year's flagship. Here's to waiting. As for Robert Downey Jr - HTC won't be renewing its multimillion contract when it expires at the end of the year, which makes us sad, given their wonky and fruitful collaboration.

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