Is this the Apple iPhone 5's display assembly?

Is this the Apple iPhone 5's display assembly?
A few pictures obtained from smartphone repair shop from one of its distributors claim to show the display assembly for the Apple iPhone 5. With the screen turned off, it is hard to come to a conclusion on the size of the screen. Cupertino based Apple is expected to increase the size of the display on its iconic smartphone for the first time since its initial launch with a 3.5 inch display in 2007.

The screen on the Apple iPhone once was one of the largest on the market. Now that Android models like the Samsung Galaxy S III offer users a 4.8 inch screen, the pressure is on Apple to at least hit the 4 inch mark for its display. At one time, the tech titan had said that it had kept the 3.5 inch screen size to allow for one handed use of the phone.

The speculation now is that the Apple iPhone 5 will launch with a larger 4 inch display but keep the horizontal pixel count at 640 while increasing the vertical count to 1,136. This would result in an aspect ratio of 16:9 and still allow for one-handed operation of the phone. The pixel density would remain the same from the current Apple iPhone 4S so as to keep the Retina display designation for the new model. This will mean that some apps will have additional real estate to fill.

Another picture obtained by shows serial numbers (to show the authenticity of the pictures) and the LCD connector. The 6th generation Apple iPhone is expected to be introduced September 12th and go on sale September 21st.

source: MacRumors via AppleInsider

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