Is a PureView Lumia going to have 21MP camera?

Is a PureView Lumia going to have 21MP camera?
Yesterday Nokia outed one enigmatic video titled "Things are about to change", featuring just girl on a bike shot in motion with what appears to be image stabilization. Speculation rose immediately that Nokia might be teasing an eventual Windows Phone handset with the groundbreaking PureView smartphne camera technology.

PureView refers to the way pixels are utilized, grouping neighbouring ones into one super pixel, so it doesn't necessarily have to come from the giant 41MP sensor of the 808 PureView, smaller resolutions can be used for the same "pixel oversampling" effect with less detail, of course, which will still be leaps and bounds ahead of what we have in current handsets, save for the Nokia N8.

The duration of the video, 21 seconds, as well as the fact that Phi is the 21 letter of the Greek alphabet, and a Nokia Phi is widely rumored for reveal next week, led a WP-centric blog to speculate that a PureView Lumia might have 21MP camera. 

We've heard speculations before the 808 Pureview was revealed that Nokia has 20-something MP sensors in the lab, and MSNerd said not long ago that Verizon will be getting a PV Lumia with smaller resolution than on the 808 PureView, so everything is possible, although it seemed pretty early to hope for this tech to be brought over to Windows Phone before. What do you think, does this guesswork have some merit, or isx it too deep of a conspiracy theory?

source: MonWindowsPhone via WMPU

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