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"Things are about to change:" Nokia teasing the first PureView Windows Phone for September 5th?

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Nokia has just released a teaser video for its upcoming September 5th announcement promising that “things are about to change.” Interestingly, the video is just plain footage of a girl riding a bicycle. Sounds boring? It wouldn’t make much sense unless that’s actually footage from the first Nokia Lumia Windows Phone with PureView camera.

Now, that would be big - the Nokia 808 PureView has a mind-bogglingly good camera, and Nokia has already said it’s working on bringing that camera magic to Windows Phone. If it has indeed managed to do this in such short terms for the launch of Windows Phone 8, things might really start to change.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think - does that look like footage from the first Nokia PureView Lumia?

source: Nokia

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