Infographic explains how Google Glass works in simple terms

Infographic explains how Google Glass works in simple terms
Google’s Project Glass is an exciting (and controversial) piece of technology. A wearable heads-up display with you at all times makes for a radically new experience, a much more intimate dialog with technology.

But how does it work, how does the image come to be on the little glass display and is it always in the corner of your eye, or could it also be in the center? Those are all interesting questions, that we now have the answer to in a neat infographic by Cody, a member of the Google Glass Explorer program.

Basically, the most interesting piece of technology in Glass is the display. Actually it is a prism onto which a projector sends an image. That image is what your retina focuses on. So this combination of a miniature projector and a prism allows Glass to show you an overlay to reality. The angle of the prism directs the image directly into your fovea, the part of your retina where you have the most visual acuity.

Google’s Project Glass is expected to arrive en masse by the end of the year.


Infographic explains how Google Glass works in simple terms



1. iluvsmartphonexpdx

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How do I use it if I am wearing spectacles?

2. raunak

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Google Glass will get prescription lenses.

3. TechBizJP08

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Brilliant, i don't know what to say. Please translate in English.. LoL

4. me0613

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5. medienunivers

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brilliant article, thanks

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