In 64 seconds 30,000 new OnePlus 2 handsets are sold in China

In 64 seconds 30,000 new OnePlus 2 handsets are sold in China
In China, OnePlus 2 buyers do not need to have an invitation to buy the phone if it is purchased directly from the OnePlus web site. The company kicked off sales of its latest device in the country by ringing up 30,000 units in only 64 seconds. Considering that invitation related sales will start on August 11th, that is when we would imagine Chinese consumers will get another crack at buying the OnePlus 2.

Last year, OnePlus figured it could sell 50,000 to 100,000 units of the OnePlus One at the most. So when it ended up selling more than 1 million phones, you probably envisioned champagne flowing from the water cooler at OnePlus HQ. But as company co-founder Carl Pei told USA Today, OnePlus just broke even last year even with all of those unforeseen sales. Breaking even again this year will be a stretch since the company did add head count to support the three to five million units it thinks it can sell in 2015.

If there was some swagger to Carl Pei during the VR introduction of the OnePlus 2, his confidence level must be rocketing even higher following the initial sale of the OnePlus 2 in China.

source: OnePlus, Weibo via GforGames
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