Huawei Pay coming to the U.S.?


Huawei has said that it aims to be the top smartphone manufacturer in the world by 2021. To leap frog over Apple and Samsung, Huawei is going to need to pull out all stops. And that apparently means allowing its U.S. and European customers to access Huawei Pay. Now available only in China, Huawei filed a couple of weeks ago to use the Huawei Pay name in Europe. And now, the manufacturer has applied to the USPTO for stateside trademark protection over the use of the same name and logo.

Like rivals Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, a specific credit card is chosen for a transaction. The feature uses NFC to connect to a "point of sale" checkout system where the transaction is completed. In addition to making purchases using Huawei Pay, money can be transferred to another Huawei Pay user by putting two phones together.

We can get a rough idea when the mobile payment service will come to the U.S. by looking at the date when Huawei made the filing with the USPTO. That happens to be September 13th. After that date, the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has up to three months to investigate. That means that we could see Huawei Pay launch in the U.S. sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. Also unknown at the moment is whether Huawei has signed up with any U.S. banks to support the service. Obviously, obtaining this support from U.S. financial institutions is critical to getting Huawei Pay operational in the country.

source: USPTO via (translated), LetsGoDigital

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