How to use Xperia Transfer to switch to a Sony smartphone from Android or iOS (spoiler - impressively easy)

How to use Xperia Transfer to switch to a Sony smartphone from Android or iOS
Hey, folks, welcome to our third installment of "Using various manufacturers' content transfer tools to switch to a new smartphone". What we are doing here is testing the ease of use and functionality of apps, made to help new users copy over all their valuable data from their old handset, to their brand new smartphone. We've already tested how HTC's Transfer Tool and Samsung's Smart Switch deal with the task, so this time around – let's check out the Xperia Transfer.

Now, once in the Android transfer menu, we are presented with yet another unique way to ensure that you are sending all your sensitive data to the handset that you are holding in your other hand, rather somewhere else – while HTC used a confirmable PIN code, in order to establish a trusted connection between the two phones, and Sammy's Smart Switch used a weird audio signal, in order to make two Android phones "talk" to each other, Xperia deals with this in an elegant and modernistic manner – via NFC. Of course, there is the PIN option, for those phones that lack NFC, but since in this series we are looking at the fastest, easiest, most interesting ways to use the transfer apps – this demo will show the NFC path.

After the Android slideshow, stay tuned for the iOS to Xperia guide, as there was a surprise waiting for us in that operation as well – instead of using USB to PC connection, Xperia Transfer was able to pull out all the data from our iPhone with a simple phone-to-phone USB connection. Nice job, Sony.

You can grab the Xperia Transfer app here.

Pretty straightforward with no hiccups – just as expected. What we found really interesting, though, is that the Xperia Transfer app told us that it only needs a USB connection between the Xperia and an iPhone in order to pull the same type of data out of the iOS device. For this connection, you are going to need the Xperia Transfer cable or just a generic USB OTG cable (pictured on the right) – the latter goes into your Xperia's charging port while its other end connects to the charger-side of your iPhone's Lightning cable (or 30-pin, if you've got an older Apple device). What happens next is surprisingly simple and straightforward – check out the slideshow below.

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