How can eyeglass wearers use Google's Project Glass?

How can eyeglass wearers use Google's Project Glass?
There is no question that Google's Project Glass has already caught a buzz. You can tell by how many satires of Google's video were made within just days of the announcement. One question that Google has heard often is if Project Glass will be available for those wearing prescription glasses. So the crew at Mountain View got to work, as you can see by the  picture on the Google+ site of Google employee and one of them was apparently used as a model for a mock-up of what Project Glass will look like over a pair of prescription frames.

While the final version for eye glass wearers might end up completely different, most of the early response was positive although some of those who commented on the picture worried about irritation. Kudos to Ms. Olsson and her team for even thinking about those who wear glasses. We still have no idea when Project Glass will be available and how much it will cost, but we have already seen Google's Sergey Brin use it in a real world setting.

So, eyeglass wearers out there, would you mind putting this contraption over one of your frames so that you too could enjoy Google's Project Glass?

source: Google 


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