Google's Sergey Brin wears Project Glass prototype at a party (pictures)

Google's Sergey Brin wears Project Glass prototype at a party (pictures)
Project Glass stirred our imaginations when we first saw it yesterday, and while it’s far from getting an official release date, Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing a prototype at the "San Francisco Dining in the Dark" charity event. Robert Scoble saw Brin and snapped two pictures of the Google executive, and commented:

Brin didn’t allow Scoble to try the glasses on as they were an early prototype, but they seemed to him “self-contained.”

TheVerge also spoke to Brin after the event and learned that it’s way too early to know when they’ll get released. While usually Google doesn’t announce products so much in advance, it made an exception for Project Glass as it wanted as much feedback as possible.

Brin also noted that even though the promo video depicts fully functional prototype of glasses, "right now you really just see it reboot."

The most important test the new product would need to pass is RF certification. This might prove tricky as the FCC would be treating this as basically a smartphone that’s always close to your head. 

Here’s to hoping Google manages to deal with all the issues, if so - the product should appear by the end of the year, as rumor has it now.

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