Here's how the second generation of Google Glass might end up looking like

According to certain reports, there's been a serious decline in the interest towards Google's Glass smartglasses. Reportedly, both the early dopters (the so-called "Explorers") and the software developers have moved on - the former have been trying to get rid of the wearable by putting it up for sale, while the latter have apparently ceased to work on software for Glass. Thus, it is pretty logical that Google will have to outdo itself with the second generation of the headwear that it's reportedly prepping in the moment.

Well, we've already heard what some of the hardware inside Google Glass 2 might be - an Intel-made chipset, in particular - but some interesting patent images that came to surface just today might be revealing a possible design for the revisited smartglasses. Google's patent in question (D718,765) has been given the carte blanche by the USPTO today, and regards the "ornamental design for a wearable display device" - the second generation of Google Glass immediately pops in mind. The accompanying patent images reveals a much slimmer and "toned-down" design for the gadget, which might end up being a whole lot easier to wear and use.

Unlike the first-gen Google Glass, its successor seems to be lacking the large encasing that was positioned right over the user's right ear. On the contrary, it seems that Mountain View could have successfully crammed up all of the necessary hardware in the touchpad-enabled side of the glasses.

Then again, nobody can be a 100%-sure that the next Google Glass will employ the particular design that has been depicted into the patent in question. As usual, time will tell.

source: USPTO (1), (2) a Quartz

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